Shanita Liu teaches people how to activate their courage and say bye to burnout. As an integrative healer and Chief Energy Officer at Coach Shanita, ...View Details

Ep 7: I Am Not My Anxiety

Today my guest is Neil Young. He is a peak performance coach living in Dubai, who helps entrepreneurs move past barriers and experience greater freedo...View Details

Although anxiety was terrifying, taking the ‘small steps approach’ helped Glenda overcome her fears so she could heal and thrive. ____________________...View Details

Alice recounts a very traumatic experience in her life a few years ago that led to anxiety & PTSD. She shares how she lived and thrived through th...View Details

Kylie unveils her experience of growing up with anxiety, how it held her back and how she learned to overcome it through mindset, strict food discipli...View Details

In the third episode, our guest is Ana Cukrov from Croatia.  Ana is committed to live a free and meaningful life no matter her history and helpin...View Details

Deidre Harris is the guest for episode 2. She is a dynamic education consultant and trainer with 30 + years of experience as an educator. She is now l...View Details

In this first episode, our guest is David Gill from Oakland, California. He's a successful architect, graduate school professor, and faculty advisor a...View Details

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