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Hi, I'm Nancy McFarland.

I know being human is really hard at times, but I feel that living better in every situation is always possible. It does take patience and effort though.

As a psychiatric social worker, I’ve served the most acute mentally ill to very successful people who have felt lost, confused and even angry about the state of their lives.  

Now, as an anxiety/mindset coach, and often cheerleader, I bring my educational and life knowledge over the past 25 years as a teacher and therapist along with my own journey of personal growth, which includes addressing my own anxiety.  I lived in Turkey, Australia, South Africa and the Republic of Congo.  Can you believe that I actually lived with no running water and electricity for 3 years in the Republic of Congo?  I did, and it was extremely anxiety provoking! 

The greatest lesson I received during this time was that you take yourself everywhere you go, and that human nature is shockingly consistent all over the world. Everyone does their best at any given moment, and challenges such as anxiety can take a severe toll. So, learning to honor our humanity while embracing who we want to be in this life makes the journey more tolerable, even healing.  

I absolutely love talking to Outing Anxiety guests who bravely OUT their journeys living with, learning from and thriving through anxiety.  They absolutely exemplify that being proud of your life is a choice regardless of challenges.

All of the best to you!



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